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Definition of a Young Professional:

  • The range from recent grad through their early thirties who is either a part of the work force or looking to join it.

What CSCMP Global has done to recognize this workforce population and support them:

  • The Global CSCMP Young Professionals (YP) Committee was formed with the goals of assessing the needs of today’s emerging supply chain professionals and empowering local Roundtables to serve them.
  • CSCMP recognizes that young emerging supply chain management professionals need critical information to gain a better understanding of the industry as well as to advance their careers.
  • CSCMP will be their supply chain career resource, providing them with the information, networking events, and leadership opportunities they will need to guide them along their career path.

Membership Rates:

  • 30 years of age and younger: “Associate Membership” @ $150.00/year (half the regular membership fee)
  • Students: $35.00/year

Tap into a valuable supply chain professional network right in your backyard: The NYC Roundtable:

Benefits of getting involved as a young professional with the NYC Roundtable:

Career Benefits

  • Monthly, local opportunities to get noticed by recruiters, leading supply chain management organizations, and practitioners.
  • Ability on Global website to post your résumé for free and search top supply chain positions in CSCMP’s Career Center.
  • Including a CSCMP affiliation on your résumé shows you are involved with the world’s foremost supply chain organization.

Access to Resources

  • Receiving CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly will enable you to contribute to the conversation and speak confidently about supply chain hot topics.
  • “Student Campus” and “Careers in Supply Chain Management” are exclusive online resources available to answer all your questions about the supply chain profession.
  • Access to a database of supply chain management courses and programs.
  • Opportunity to brush up on skills and expand knowledge with access to CSCMP’s 22 online university course bundles or the Supply Chain Management Essentials web course. Keeping current makes someone a greater asset to their company.
  • SC PRO Certification designation now available for those with 4 or more years of workforce experience.


  • Reach out to senior executives with our online Member Directory to establish lifelong professional connections.
  • Leadership positions at the Roundtable level

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